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Natural Person

Documents required to open up a Bail Bond emission file for any Natural Person:

  • Copy of a Proof of Adress not older than 3 months.
  • Copy of an oficial ID.
  • Copy of CURP
  • Copy of Tax Identification.
  • Copy of the Traesury Register.
  • Copy of the Submission of Tax Declaration from the last immediate year.
  • If you are a Natural Personon with business activities, send in the Partial Finantial information, with the signature from the Natural Person and the personal accountant with the following note:
    • “I Hereby declare that the numbers contained in this Finantial Manifest are truthfull and contain all the information relevant to the current Finantial Status and/or the results of the Company and declare that I am legally responsible of it’s authenticity, as well as assuming any responsibility related to any false statement in this document” (Optional)
  • Copy of the Accountants license (Only if Finantial reports are presented).
  • Personal Resumee.
  • Copy of the Real Estate’s or property’s deed, without Morgage or lien.
  • Copy of the property’s reléase of lien.
  • Copy of the ID of the owner of the property.
  • Marriage Certificate (in case the owner has contracted marriage by joint property, the Husband/wife must present ID as well).

Note: The Forms from the Bail Bond Company will be given when all the file has been revised

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